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We are very proud of the quality of our dentistry, we offer an excellent quality price and we guarantee your well-being. We want to make your visits a pleasant experience.
Good dental health for you and your family through preventive dentistry is our goal. This means giving you regular advice - helping you understand how to care for your teeth to reduce the need for dental treatment.
Providing friendly and pleasant dental care to the nervous or fearful patient is a very important part of our practical philosophy as we know that many people are afraid to go to the dentist. Our tranquility in a relaxed environment can help overcome these fears.
Your comments and questions about any aspect of our practice are always welcome. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to ask.
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The Team

Dr. John McKean
Dr. John McKean
Dr. John McKean, MD, licensed in Dental Surgery, qualified in 1975 by the University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry of the United Kingdom, is part of the medical team at Clínica Pacífico in Albufeira.
Dr. John McKean is able to relate to the patient's fears after a painful experience as a child that left him a "dental phobic" working now to help ease the patient's fears at the Clinica Pacifico.

“I spent much of my early career finding ways to overcome patients' fears. The main problem is that the patient, feeling intimidated, feels out of control of his situation. Many had gone to dentists who gave instructions on how to signal discomfort, but the dentist just continued, thus destroying any faith the patient might have had and increasing the feeling of panic,” said Dr. John McKean. “We try to make all patients feel welcome and relaxed. Patients should always be in control of all the treatments they are performing and we must be sure that patients understand the treatments that are recommended and what alternatives exist, keeping patients fully informed of the cost implication,” he added.

Dr Paul Silva Moreira (Dental Surgeon)

Dr Paul Silva Moreira (Dental Surgeon) - Clínica Pacifico
A true Canadian at Heart,

Dr. Paul received his dental degree from the University of CESPU in Porto. Dr. Paul was born in Norfolk County and raised in Simcoe, Ontario.

After accomplishing his secondary education in Canada, He had the opportunity to purse his dream and come to Europe and enrol in Unversity.

After many years of dealing with adversity we can now experience Dr. Paul’s passion and vocation. When his not helping restore people's smiles, Dr. Paul enjoys spending time with his family and friends. With a deep passion for life and fitness involving him in many interests and activities; the latest includes learning how to kite surf and ultimatly enjoy the lovely Algarve.


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